Cost of Door Ding Repair

 According to Certified Automotive Care, a single ding can cost between $75 and $150. If your car has multiple dings, a claim will have to be filed for each ding. Multiple dings can cost between $150 and $500.

Public Parking Locations

Whether you're careful or not when parking your vehicle in a public location, other vehicle owners are not guaranteed to be as courteous or careful when exiting or entering their vehicle. Dings and minor Dents to your vehicle are normally caused by others, and it is normally when you are not in your vehicle.

Protect Your Vehicle Investment

The protective materials of the Auto Dent Guards can prevent or minimize potential Dings & Dents to your vehicle investment. We all must park in public locations on a daily basis.

Invest in the protection of your $20K - $120K investment. Allow your trade-in values to remain HIGH.